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True Price


Very often producers of different goods try to fool the customers when they package the goods in non-standard amount. For example instead of 1 kg the pack contains 0.9 kg or 0.8 kg.

This trick allows to show price lower in comparison with those of competitors who package the goods in amount more usual for customers.  At the same moment the price can be really higher.

Besides that the same goods can be packed  in different containers that are not either easy to determine more beneficial price. For instance, the price for the same yoghurt can differ in 20% in different packs.

For correct comparison of the price for goods we need a common denominator — the prices should be shown for the same amount of the goods.

«Truthful Price» application allows you  to get such data only by inserting information  about the price of the goods and its amount (quantity, weight, etc.)

Tech app overview

This overview is for my colleagues-software engineers.
It’s my third app published in App Store.

Work description: It calculations different rotation and on these calculations show the difference in price of goods.

Current version: 1.0
Language: Objective-C
Support: iOS7 and above.
Devices: iPhone/iPod Touch.
UI Development: Storyboards, coding.
Localization: 6 languages with their switching on the fly.

Basic classes used: UITableView (Dynamic&Static), UIWebView, UITextField, UITabBarController.
Other: Create custom keyboard.


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